#DesiWallOfShame Desi Wall of Shame

It's been a year since Trump took office, and his Donald Trump's South Asian appointees and supporters have been pushing an anti-immigrant, anti-civil rights, anti-Muslim, anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-Internet agenda.

They belong on the #DesiWallOfShame.

Learn the issues. Hold them accountable. Work for justice.

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Ajit Pai is the Chair of the Federal Communications Commission. Under his watch, the FCC ended net neutrality, which keeps the internet open, free and accessible to everyone. This harms many communities—including South Asians who rely on multilingual content.

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Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley is the US Ambassador to the United Nations. Under her watch, the US has become an increasingly isolationist nation that subverts diplomacy efforts through policies like the Muslim ban, the decision to declare Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, and the treatment of Iran and North Korea.

Act now: End Muslim/refugee bans Stand with Palestine

Raj Shah

Raj Shah is the Principal Deputy Press Secretary at the White House. He defended Trump’s “sh*thole” comments about African nations and Haiti, while promoting fear of family-based immigration.

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Seema Verma

Seema Verma is the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Under her watch, the Trump Administration is mandating work requirements to access Medicaid. Civil rights advocates call this a “throwback to rejected racial stereotypes.”

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Dimple Shah

Dimple Shah is the Deputy General Counsel at the Department of Homeland Security. She has been involved in high-level discussions around ending the DACA program, which offered temporary protection for Dreamers. Repealing DACA leaves millions of undocumented immigrants at risk of deportation, including South Asians.

Act now: Learn about South Asians with DACA

Shalli Kumar

Shalli Kumar is the founder of the Republican Hindu Coalition. He worries that “a lot of people think that Trump is somewhat of a racist.” So he launched an international PR campaign to convince Indians that Trump is secretly pro-immigrant.

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